Saturday, 4/23/11

by musicclipoftheday

The Heart asks Pleasure – first –

—Emily Dickinson (588, excerpt)

Steve Reich, Bang on a Can All-Stars (Robert Black, bass; David Cossin, drums; Evan Ziporyn, piano; Bryce Dessner & Derek Johnson, guitars)
Rehearsal, 2×5 (S. Reich), 2009

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art beat: Art Institute of Chicago

A sea of Cezanne’s blues surrounds The Bay of Marselleilles, Seen From L’Estaque (4/18/11).

Here’s what’s on its left.

Paul Cezanne, Madame Cezanne in a Yellow Chair, 1888-90


Here’s what’s on its right.

Paul Cezanne, The Basket of Apples, c. 1893


And here’s what’s on the adjacent wall.

Paul Cezanne, Harlequin, 1888-90
(on loan from the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.)


I still work with difficulty, but I seem to get along. That is the important thing to me. Sensations form the foundation of my work, and they are imperishable, I think. Moreover, I am getting rid of that devil who, as you know, used to stand behind me and forced me at will to “imitate”; he’s not even dangerous any more.

—Paul Cezanne (last letter to his son Paul, dated October 15, 1906, a week before his death; quoted in Ambroise Vollard, Cezanne)


Art ______ of Chicago

In the department of duh, after decades of going there and decades of listening to them, I’ve just noticed the verbal similarity between the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Ensemble of Chicago.