Tuesday, 8/17/10

Last week I wrote: “Guitar, drums—that’s all it takes.”

Actually, all it takes is a single string.

Lonnie Pitchford (diddley bow), live, Mississippi, 1978 (The Land Where The Blues Began [1979])



? and the Mysterians—still more (take #4 [NYC, Great Jones Cafe; 7/31/10])


mail (makes me want to be [yikes!] a grandfather)

The other day Oran Etkin, whose music was featured here a while back, wrote:

I’ve been checking in every once in a while to your blog— you’ve got some really amazing and diverse music up there!


I wanted to let you know about a new project I have and a great video I just posted yesterday. I have a project for kids called Timbalooloo (www.timbalooloo.com), which has music classes for 0-10 year olds using a new approach I developed to reach that age group, CDs, Videos, Books, etc. I am putting out a kids CD next month called Wake Up, Clarinet! based on this whole approach. It’s with my band featuring Jason Marsalis, Curtis Fowlkes, Fabian Almazan, Garth Stevenson and Charenee Wade. Anyways, I put up this video from a live concert, and I thought you might enjoy it and see if it would be cool for your blog.


I’m loving the videos up on the site!



Oran Etkin, “Wake Up, Clarinet!”; live