Thursday, August 13th

sounds of Argentina

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992), live,* Montreal (Montreal Jazz Festival), 1984



random thoughts

With the way the Cubs are playing, taking twelve of their last thirteen, what could be more beautiful than baseball?


Here’s something from last night’s game—first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

After conferring, the umpires reversed the call, ruling this an out.


*AP, bandoneon, compositions; Pablo Ziegler, piano; Fernando Suarez Paz, violin; Oscar Lopez Ruiz, guitar; Hector Console, bass.

Set list:
2.Muerte Del Angel
3.Resurreccion Del Angel
4.Tristeza De Un Doble A
5.Adios Nonino
6.Chin Chin
7.Otono Porteno (from The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires)