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Tuesday, November 29th

more sounds of Brazil

Tom Zé (1936-, vocals, compositions), live, Sao Paulo (Brazil), 2018



random sights

yesterday, Chicago (Alexander Calder [1898-1976], Flamingo [1973], detail)

Monday, November 28th


Gal Costa, singer, September 26, 1945–November 9, 2022

“Sua Estupidez” (R. Carlos), live (TV show), 2002

Gal Costa, one of Brazil’s greatest singers and a model for generations of Brazilian performers, died on Wednesday at her home in São Paulo. She was 77.

Her death was announced on her social media accounts. No cause was cited.

Ms. Costa’s voice, a lustrous mezzo-soprano, was a marvel of grace and vitality, equally capable of gravity-defying delicacy, tart teasing, jazzy agility and rock intensity. Over a recording career that spanned more than 50 years and three dozen albums, she championed innovative Brazilian songwriters and cross-fertilized Brazilian regional styles with international pop and rock.

In the 1960s, Ms. Costa was at the forefront of tropicália, the movement that brought psychedelic experimentation and anti-authoritarian irreverence to Brazilian pop music. When the leading songwriters of tropicália, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, were forced into exile by Brazil’s dictatorship, from 1969 to 1972, Ms. Costa recorded their songs for Brazilian listeners.

New York Times obituary (excerpt), 11/9/22 (Jon Pareles)

Monday, July 25th

sounds of Brazil

How about something quiet, and delicate, and beautiful?

João Gilberto (1931-2019, voice, guitar, compositions), live, Tokyo, 2006



random sights

yesterday, Oak Park, Ill.

Wednesday, May 29th

The world today: two guys from Ukraine—DJs/producers—playing a set in Rio de Janiero.

Artbat, live, 2019




reading table

Mountain streams flow down
into each other
out of their sounds

—Yosa Buson, 1716-1784 (translated from Japanese by W.S. Merwin and Takako Lento)

Friday, May 12th

sounds of São Paulo

Bixiga 70, live, São Paulo, 2017



art beat

Danny Lyon (1942-), Jack, Chicago, 1965

Thursday, September 17th

tonight in Chicago

These guys are playing at Constellation.

São Paulo Underground (Rob Mazurek, cornet, electronics; Mauricio Takara, percussion, cavaquinho, electronics; Guilherme Granado, keyboards, electronics, vocals), live, Italy (Pisa), 2012

Wednesday, August 12th

sounds of Brazil

Jorge Ben & Gal Costa, “Que Pena,” live



art beat

Robert Frank (1924-), Cafe – Beaufort, South Carolina, 1955


Monday, May 18th

sounds of Brazil

Gilberto Gil, live (TV show), Brazil, 1994



random thoughts

Of us they are sublimely oblivious—birds.


taking a break

I’m taking some time off—back in a while.

Friday, June 13th

sounds of Brazil & Jamaica

Slavish imitation. Contrived reinvention. Tributes usually leave me wondering why they even bothered. Not this.

Gilberto Gil (1942-), Tribute to Bob Marley, live, Brazil (Sao Paulo), 2001

Monday, August 12th

sounds of Brazil

Gilberto Gil (1942-; vocals, guitar) with Dominguinhos (1941-2013; accordion), “Lamento Sertanejo,” live, 2010



musical thoughts

What would it be like to live in a world that sounded everywhere the same?

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