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Thursday, August 29th

sounds of New York

James Brandon Lewis Unruly Quintet (JBL, tenor saxophone; Jaimie Branch, trumpet; Anthony Pirog, guitar; Luke Stewart, bass; Warren G. Crudup III, drums), live, New York, 6/15/19




random sights

this morning, Chicago (Columbus Park)

Monday, August 26th

Why not begin the week with something beautiful?

Joseph Jarman (1937-2019, alto saxophone), Marilyn Crispell (1947-, piano), “Dear Lord” (J. Coltrane), 1996 (Connecting Spirits)




random sights

yesterday, Oak Park, Ill.

Thursday, August 1st

MCOTD Hall of Fame

Henry Threadgill Sextett (HT [MCOTD Hall of Fame], 1944-, alto saxophone, flute, compositions); Frank Lacy, trombone; Rasul Sadik, trumpet; Deidre Murray, cello; Fred Hopkins, bass; Newman Baker, drums; Yoron Israel, percussion), live, Germany (Frankfurt), 1988


Wednesday, July 31st

Tenor saxophone and drums—another take.

Ken Vandermark (tenor saxophone), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums), live, Netherlands (Haarlem), 2014




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There came a Wind like a Bugle —
It quivered through the Grass
And a Green Chill upon the Heat
So ominous did pass
We barred the Windows and the Doors
As from an Emerald Ghost —
The Doom’s electric Moccasin
That very instant passed —
On a strange Mob of panting Trees
And Fences fled away
And Rivers where the Houses ran
Those looked that lived — that Day —
The Bell within the steeple wild
The flying tidings told —
How much can come
And much can go,
And yet abide the World!

—Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), 1618 (Franklin)

Monday, July 29th


Andrew Cyrille (1939-, drums) with Peter Brötzmann (reeds), live, New York, 6/11/19


Thursday, July 11th

what’s new

Ingrid Laubrock (saxophones), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Brandon Lopez (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), live, New York, 7/9/19




random sights

yesterday, Chicago

Tuesday, June 18th

like-nobody-else x 2

Cecil Taylor Trio (CT, 1929-2018, piano; Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone; Sunny Murray, drums) with Albert Ayler (1936-1970, tenor saxophone), “Four,” excerpt (C. Taylor), live, Copenhagen, 1962




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A Bomb upon the Ceiling
Is an improving thing –
It keeps the nerves progressive
Conjecture flourishing –

—Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), from 1150 (Franklin)

Friday, May 3rd

tonight in Chicago

They’re playing at Corbett v. Dempsey.

Ken Vandermark (reeds) and Nate Wooley (trumpet), live, Copenhagen, 2016




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Forever – is composed of Nows –

—Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), from 690 (Franklin)

Tuesday, April 22nd

like nobody else

Anthony Braxton ZIM Sextet (AB, 1945-, reeds, composition; Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet, flugelhorn, trombone; Ingrid Laubrock, reeds; Tomeka Reid, cello; Shelley Burgon, harp; Jacqueline Kerrod, harp; Dan Peck, tuba), live, Germany (Moers), 2017


Tuesday, April 16th

sounds of Chicago

Listen to this guitarist (2:47-), who just celebrated his 92nd birthday with a gig at Chicago’s Green Mill. Even at twenty-three he was utterly original.

Charlie Parker (1920-1955, alto saxophone) with George Freeman (1927-, guitar), et al., “Keen and Peachy” (C. Parker), live, Chicago, 1950


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