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Wednesday, August 18th

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Ela Minus (voice, electronics), “Close,” live, Mexico City, published 8/2/21



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yesterday, Oak Park, Ill.

Saturday, November 7th

sounds of Mexico

Belafonte Sensacional, live (“Marris,” “Noche Total,” “Laser Funk,” “Epic Aris,” “Sácate a la Carretera”), live, Mexico City, published 9/19/20




random sights

yesterday, Chicago

Friday, November 6th

sounds of Mexico

Son Rompe Pera, live (“Proteus,” “FOS,”” Reina de Cumbias,” “Ay David!,” “El Palo Poste”), Mexico City, published 10/17/20




random sights

other day, Chicago


reading table

All I want
is not to be

first on one side,
then the other,

but to conjure
a stream

of sounds and images
for which I am not

and maneuver within it—

mouth and tail
one thought.

—Rae Armantrout, from “Conjure” (Conjure, 2020)

Thursday, August 6th

sounds of Peru

Dengue Dengue Dengue!, live, Mexico City, 2015




art beat

Lee Friedlander (1934-), New York


Saturday, June 27th

heaven, n. a place where music is playing all the time, you don’t understand a word anyone’s saying, and it all sounds great.

Zoé, Tú, 2003

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