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Thursday, August 10th

tonight in Chicago

He’s singing in Millenium Park.

Youssou N’Dour, “Lang,” live



And they’re playing at Elastic.

Daniel Levin (cello) & Tim Daisy (drums), live, Bloomington, Ind., 2015




reading table

The least misfortune can do to make up for itself is to be interesting.

—Michael Kinsley, Old Age: A Beginner’s Guide

Monday, June 1st

sounds of Senegal

Why not begin the week with something beautiful?

Seckou Keita (kora), “Mikhi Nathan Mu Toma” (The Invisible Man), 2015

Wednesday, 9/29/10

From a small orchestra in Germany to one in Senegal.

Orchestra Baobab, “Utru horas,” live

Here’s a big (23rd) birthday shout-out to my son Alex—with whom I saw these guys a few years ago at Chicago’s (much missed) HotHouse.

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