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Sunday, April 7th

sounds of Chicago

Carrie Robinson, “Power to Live Right,” live, Chicago (Maxwell Street), 1965




random sights

yesterday, Forest Park, Ill.

Thursday, January 26th

What we need—now more than ever.

Clickety Clack! Clickety Clack!
What is this madness that Nixon has put upon us?
Clickety Clack! Clickety Clack!
Won’t someone bring the spirit back?

—Rahsaan Roland Kirk (1935-1977), 1973

Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Bright Moments, recorded live (San Francisco), 1973*


*Track list (courtesy of YouTube):
A1. Introduction
2. Pedal Up
3. You’ll Never Get To Heaven
4. Clickety Clack
5. Prelude To A Kiss
6. Talk (Electric Nose)
7. Fly Town Nose Blues
B1. Talk (Bright Moments)
2. Bright Moments Song
3. Dem Red Beans And Rice
4. If I Loved You
5. Talk (Fats Waller)
6. Jitterbug Waltz
7. Second Line Jump

Sunday, November 27th

back to church

Greater Harvest Missionary Baptist Church Choir (feat. Donishisa Ballard), “Stretch Out,” live, Chicago, 2010



random thoughts

The four most important words in the English language: How can I help?

(Taking a break—back in a while.)

Friday, January 15th

only rock ‘n’ roll

Tenement, “Rock Eating People,” live, Milwaukee, 2014

Monday, February 2nd

what’s new

D’Angelo and the Vanguard (Pino Palladino, bass; John Blackwell, drums; Jesse Johnson & Isaiah Sharkey, guitars, et al.), Saturday Night Live, 1/31/15

“Really Love”


“The Charade”

Sunday, October 12th

two takes

“Strange Man” (D. L. Coates)

Steve Dawson (lead vocals, guitar), Diane Christensen (vocals), Robbie Fulks (vocals, guitar), live, Chicago, 2013


Dorothy Love Coates (1928-2002; MCOTD Hall-of-Famer), recording, 1968


random thoughts

Do the Canada geese, seeing me ride by on my bicycle, feel like they’re communing with nature?

Wednesday, February 12th

only rock ’n’ roll

Del Shannon (1934-1990), “Runaway,” live (with Tom Petty, guitar; Phil Seymour, tambourine, et al.), 1978

Sunday, October 6th

two takes

Bobby McFerrin, “Joshua,” live (studio performances), 2013

WNYC-FM, New York


WFUV-FM, New York



reading table

Novelist Philip Roth on death, getting older, etc.:

‘You think, That’s the end of it when your parents die. After that, you’re done. Nobody’s supposed to die anymore, right?’

—Claudia Roth Pierpont, “The Book of Laughter: Philip Roth and His Friends,” New Yorker, 10/7/13


‘Seventy-five; how sudden.’


‘Time runs out at a terrifying speed. It seems that it was just 1943.’

—Patricia Cohen, “Philip Roth, Provacateur, Is Celebrated at 75,” New York Times, 4/12/08

Friday, August 23rd

Stevie Wonder with Prince, “Superstition” (S. Wonder), live, Paris, 2010

Not many stars would handle this the way Prince does. Actually, what’s most impressive is what he doesn’t do. Given a guitar solo, he doesn’t try to steal the show—or even draw attention. Instead, he feeds the groove.



reading table

Sophistication is upscale conformity.


What is more yours than what always holds you back?


The heart is a small, cracked cup, easy to fill, impossible to keep full.

—James Richardson, “Even More Aphorisms and Ten-Second Essays from Vectors 3.0” (excerpts)

Thursday, February 14th

a week in New Orleans: day four

Mardi Gras Indians (Fat Tuesday, 2012)

Wild Magnolias


Two Indian Tribes Meet in Treme

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