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Friday, January 27th

sounds of all over

Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST 2023, published 1/24/23

Ukraine: Dakh Daughters (“Viyna,” “Fellini,” “Umry”)

Morocco, Algeria, United States: Khadija El Warzazia’s Bnat el Houariyat & Esraa Warda (“Dyaf Allah Rjal el Bled,” “Mra Sabra,” “Li Guer imout”)

China: Cui Jian (“Fake Monk,” “Go On,” “Wild in the Snow”)



random sights

other day, Oak Park, Ill.

Wednesday, August 14th

sounds of Nigeria and Chile

Newen Afrobeat feat. Seun Kuti (vocals) and Cheick Tidiane Seck (keyboards), “Opposite People” (F. Kuti), live (studio), Chile (Santiago), 2016




reading table

Should we have stayed at home, / wherever that may be?

—Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979), from “Questions of Travel”

Monday, 11/12/12

How could one not be hopeful knowing this clip’s been viewed, as of today, over 700 million times?

PSY (AKA Park Jae-sang), “Gangnam Style,” 7/12


Here’s another take.

Ai Weiwei (Chinese artist and dissident), 10/12



 found words

Caution—the moving walkway is ending.

—yesterday, Midway Airport (Chicago), returning from an aunt’s memorial service

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