Tuesday, 7/6/10

What the world needs now?

Nah, not love.

What the world needs now—what it cries out for, daily—is inspired silliness.

Brave Combo, live

“The Denton Polka,” Texas (Denton), 2007


“Louie, Louie,” Illinois (Berwyn [FitzGerald’s]), 2008

Brave Combo played a wild set Sunday night (the 4th) at FitzGerald’s American Music Festival—everything from “Beer Barrel Polka” to a hard-rockin’ “Hokey Pokey” to a polka-inflected “Ode to Joy” (“Any Beethoven fans in the house?”) to a Tejano-style “America the Beautiful.” By the end of the 90-minute set, everybody’s IQ, it seemed, had gone up 15 points. Or was it down?