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Wednesday, June 16th

like nobody else

Anthony Braxton Accelerator Ghost Trance Septet (AB, 1945-, reeds, composition; Taylor Ho Bynum, trumpet, bugle, trombone; Jessica Pavone, violin, viola; Chris Dahlgren, bass, viola da gamba; Aaron Siegel, drums, percussion, vibraphone; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Jay Rozen, tuba), “Composition #358,” live, Spain (San Sebastian), 2008



random sights

other day, outside Chicago (Dean Nature Sanctuary, Oak Brook)

Thursday, January 16th

Want a break from the 21st century?

Jordi Savall (1941-, viola da gamba), playing pieces by Le Sieur de Machy (late 17th century), Marin Marais (1656-1728), Madrid, 2014




random sights 

other day, Oak Park, Ill.

Friday, October 5th

what’s new

Many do a lot with a lot, few so much with so little.

Juana Molina, “Sin Dones,” live, Barcelona, 9/14/18


Saturday, 12/15/12

A reader writes:

Dear Richard:

I think you should check out the YouTube link below. From Dore Stein who is the host of a great radio show on Sat. nights on the SF United School District’s radio station, KALW.

Melos: Mediterranean Songs (filmed in Tunisia and Germany, 2011)*


taking a break

I’m taking some time off—back in a while.


*With Dorsaf Hamdani & Ensemble (Tunisia), En Chordais (Greece), Juan Carmona & Ensemble (Spain), Keyvan Chemirani (France/Iran), et al.

Tuesday, 3/2/10

street music


Hang drummer near La Sagrada Familia




Thanks for the notification [2/21/10 post: Sister O.M. Terrell and Goodbye, Babylon]. Your blog looks great! I spent some time on it tonight, and have it bookmarked for the future.

—Lance Ledbetter, Dust-To-Digital

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