Wednesday, May 19, 2010

by musicclipoftheday

1. Things you’ve heard before.

2. Things you’ve never heard.

Suppose you could listen to only one for the rest of your life.

Which would you choose?

Tristan Murail (1947-), “L’Espirit de Dunes” (1993-94)/Bent Frequency, Robert Ambrose conducting; live, Georgia (Morrow), 2006

Part 1


Part 2



Our conception of music is held prisoner by our education. All has been cut into slices, put into categories, classified, limited. There is a conceptual error from the very beginning: the composer does not work with 12 notes, x rhythmic figures, x dynamic markings, all infinitely permutable–he works with sound and timbre. Sound has been confused with its representations . . .

—Tristan Murail, “Spectra and Pixies” (1984)

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