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Thursday, October 27th


Tristan Murail (1947-), Les Courants de L’Espace (The Currents of Space), 1979; Argento Chamber Ensemble, Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players, Tristan Murail (ondes Martenot), live, New York, 2009




baseball: Chicago Cubs

It no longer defies imagination, but assaults the senses, wondering how sheer and utter fantasy could become reality.

How in the world could a baseball player spend six months just learning to walk again after a devastating knee injury, not playing in a single game, and lead the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series victory since 1945, with a 5-1 victory over the Cleveland Indians, evening the Series at 1-game apiece?

“It’s the  ‘Legend of Kyle Schwarber,’ ” catcher David Ross said.


“I can’t even describe what he’s doing right now,” said left fielder Ben Zobrist, who’s hitting .625 this series and is like a back-drop to center stage. “No one’s ever seen anything like it.”

There has never been a position player in baseball history whose first hit of the season was in the World Series until Schwarber came along. He doubled off Cleveland ace Corey Kluber in Game 1, and then went 2-for-4 with two RBI and a walk in Wednesday’s victory.


This is a guy who had no hits in four at-bats in April before he blew out his left knee. He had one hit in eight at-bats in the Arizona Fall League. Now, on baseball’s greatest stage, he is hitting .429, reaching base five times in nine at-bats, with a double, two singles and two RBI.


“Baseball’s a crazy game,” Schwarber said. “It will do crazy things to you.”

So crazy, that he went along with the Cubs’ narrative, that he would be out for the season. When you tear two knee ligaments, no one expects to see you until next season. If he had only sustained the injury earlier, maybe in spring training, he’d have a chance, but not during the season.

And even if he was physically able to return before the end of the season, there would be no time for a minor-league rehab assignment, no time to get down his timing, no time to see major-league pitching.

“That’s why we’re calling it ‘The Legend of Kyle Schwarber,’ ” Ross said. “That’s who does this. It just blows my mind what he’s doing. He’s doing things that are unheard of.”

Yet, on baseball’s biggest stage, in front of millions on national TV, Schwarber is turning the World Series into his own reality TV show.

Watch Schwarber become the Cubs’ first DH in World Series history. Watch Schwarber hit. Watch Schwarber run. Watch Schwarber drive in two runs.

Oh, and if you need to tug at the heartstrings too, watch Schwarber become emotional talking about his 10-year-old friend, Campbell Faulkner of Cave Creek, Ariz.

Faulkner, diagnosed with a rare form of mitochondrial disease, has a team of 13 doctors. He struggles to stand and walk for extended periods of time. He needs two feeding tubes in his stomach just to provide him with nutrition. He missed nearly 100 days of school last year because of his illness and doctor appointments.

Schwarber met him in spring training and saw him last weekend before meeting the Cubs in the World Series. Faulkner is his friend, and Schwarber wears a bright green wristband in his honor to make those aware of the disease.

“Really young, smart kid, and he’s just always got a big smile on his face,” Schwarber said. “You know, that draws your attention to him. He’s living life to his fullest, even though he’s got something to overcome.

“He’s just a good kid. How could you not like him?”


Stay tuned. The sequel is Friday, the first World Series night game in Wrigley Field history.

“They are going to go nuts,” Ross said.

Bob Nightengale, USA Today, 10/27/16

Wednesday, October 26th

His sound-world I never tire of entering.

Tristan Murail (1947-), Feuilles à travers les cloches (Leaves through the bells), 1998; Sax Ensemble (José Luis Temes, dir.), live



random sights

other day, Oak Park, Ill.


Saturday, June 25th

Entering his sound-world isn’t hard. What’s hard is leaving.

Tristan Murail (1947-), La Barque mystique, 1993

Tuesday, June 14th


Tristan Murail (1947-), Territoires de l’oubli (1977); Lan Cao (1987-, piano), live, Germany (Cologne), 2014


Monday, June 13th

Need a change of scene?

Tristan Murail (1947-), Le Lac (2001); Chimera Ensemble (John Stringer, cond.), live, England (York), 2013


Saturday, August 10th


Soundtrack to a dream I wish I’d had last night.

Tristan Murail (1947-), “Comme un oeil suspendu et poli par le songe . . .”; Mireia Vendrell, piano, live

Tuesday, 10/16/12


Tristan Murail (1947-), “Unanswered Questions,” 1995
Erin Lesser, flute (Winter Fragments, Argento Chamber Ensemble, 2007)

Sunday, 8/5/12

Who wouldn’t want to go to such a heaven?

Soul Stirrers (feat. Jimmy Outler), “Listen to the Angels Sing,” TV show, early 1960s



listening room: (some of) what’s playing

• The Dirtbombs, Ultraglide in Black (In the Red)

• Robert Glasper Experiment, Black Radio (Blue Note)

• Shabazz Palaces, Black Up (Sub Pop)

Terrie Ex, Paal Nilssen-Love, Hurgu! (PNL Records)

• Anthony Braxton Quintet (Basel) 1977 (hatOLOGY)

• Miles Davis, Live in Europe 1967 (Sony Legacy)

• ICP Orchestra Performs Herbie Nichols & Thelonious Monk (ICP)

• George Lewis & The NOW Orchestra, The Shadowgraph Series: Compositions for Creative Orchestra (Spool)

• Misha Mengelberg, Steve Lacy, Goerge Lewis, Harjen Gorter, Han Bennink, Change of Season (Soul Note)

• Pharaoh Sanders, Karma (Impulse!)

• Charles “Bobo” Shaw & Lester Bowie, Bugle Boy Bop (Muse)

• Reverend Claude Jeter, Yesterday and Today (Shanachie)

 This May Be My Last Time Singing: Raw African-American Gospel On 45 RPM (1957-1982) (Tompkins Square)

• J. Berg’s A Cappella Archives (Vol. 3)Royal Rarities (Vol. 3) (Rare Gospel)

Congotronics 2: Buzz ’n’ Rumble in the Urb n’ Jungle (Crammed Discs)

• Pandit Pran Nath, Midnight: Raga Malkauns (Just Dreams)

• Nikhil Banerjee, Afternoon Ragas  (Bhimpalasri, Multani) (Raga Records)

• John Luther Adams, Songbird Songs (Mode Records)

• John Luther Adams, Clouds of Forgetting, Clouds of Unknowing (New World Records)

• John Cage Edition—Vol. 23: The Works for Violin 4 (Irvine Arditti, violin; Stephen Drury, piano) (Mode Records)

• Morton Feldman, Trio  (Aki Takahashi, piano; Marc Sabat, violin; Rohan de Saram, cello) (Mode Records)

• Tristan Murail, Gondwana, Desintegrations, Time and Again (Disques Montaigne)

• Peter Serkin Plays the Music of Toru Takemitsu (RCA/BMG)

• The Incomparable Rudolf Serkin (Beethoven, Piano Sonatas Nos. 30, 31, 32) (Deutsche Grammophon)

• WKCR-FM (broadcasting from Columbia University)

Bird Flight (Phil Schaap, jazz [Charlie Parker])
Eastern Standard Time (Carter Van Pelt, Jamaican music)


Mudd Up! (DJ/Rupture“new bass and beats”)
Sinner’s Crossroads 
(Kevin Nutt, gospel)
Cherry Blossom Clinic (Terre T, rock, etc.)
Fool’s Paradise (Rex; “Vintage rockabilly, R & B, blues, vocal groups, garage, instrumentals, hillbilly, soul and surf”)
Downtown Soulville (Mr. Fine Wine, soul, etc.)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1. Things you’ve heard before.

2. Things you’ve never heard.

Suppose you could listen to only one for the rest of your life.

Which would you choose?

Tristan Murail (1947-), “L’Espirit de Dunes” (1993-94)/Bent Frequency, Robert Ambrose conducting; live, Georgia (Morrow), 2006

Part 1


Part 2



Our conception of music is held prisoner by our education. All has been cut into slices, put into categories, classified, limited. There is a conceptual error from the very beginning: the composer does not work with 12 notes, x rhythmic figures, x dynamic markings, all infinitely permutable–he works with sound and timbre. Sound has been confused with its representations . . .

—Tristan Murail, “Spectra and Pixies” (1984)

Want more? Here.

Sunday, 1/3/10

The well of Chicago gospel runs so deep it sometimes seems bottomless.

DeLois Barrett Campbell and The Barrett Sisters, “The Storm Is Passing Over,” live, 1982 (featured in the documentary Say Amen, Somebody)



[DeLois Barrett Campbell and the Barrett Sisters’] harmony is special, probably the best in female gospel.—Anthony Heilbut, The Gospel Sound: Good News and Bad Times (1975 ed.)


DeLois Barrett Campbell & The Barrett Sisters

The O’Neal Twins

The Clark Sisters

The Louvin Brothers

The Delmore Brothers

The Stanley Brothers

The Everly Brothers

The Beach Boys

The Bee Gees

Kate & Anna McGarrigle

The Jackson Five

The Isley Brothers

The Neville Brothers

The list goes on, and on, and . . .



“Thanks very much for that—a really nice blog!”—Tristan Murail (12/26/09 [in response to an email letting him know that his music was being featured here])

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