Friday, April 30, 2010

by musicclipoftheday

Me and a million other dudes said ‘later’ to picking cotton.—Wilson Pickett (in Gerri Hershey, Nowhere to Run: The Story of Soul Music [1994])

Wilson Pickett, live, Germany, 1968

“Stagger Lee”


“Funky Broadway”

Want more? Here.



listening room

The UPS guy left a tiny box yesterday—the new albums by Roky Erickson and Gil Scott-Heron. Who’s next? Sly Stone?



The Bobby Dylan clip was very nice and linked to Manfred Mann—sweet. Thanks.


Thanks, Richard! Emails like yours are the main reason I have some energy every week to sit down and grind through another show. Many thanks.

—Kevin [Nutt, host of Sinner’s Crossroads on WFMU-FM, responding to an email notifying him of this mention]