Saturday, April 22nd

by musicclipoftheday

Happy (101st) Birthday, Charles!

Charles Mingus Sextet (CM, 4/22/1922–1/5/1979, bass, compositions; Eric Dolphy, 1928-1964, alto saxophone; Clifford Jordan, 1931-1993, tenor saxophone; Johnny Coles, 1925-1987, trumpet; Jaki Byard, 1922-1999, piano; Dannie Richmond, 1931-1988, drums), live, Belgium,* Norway,** Sweden,*** 1964




All Mingus, all day: WKCR-FM (Columbia University).


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This poem is not addressed to you.
You may come into it briefly,
But no one will find you here, no one.
You will have changed before the poem will.

—Donald Justice (1925-2004), from “Poem”


* “So Long Eric,” “Peggy’s Blue Skylight,” “Meditations on Integration”

** “So Long Eric,” “Orange Was the Color of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk,” “Parkeriana,” “Take The ‘A’ Train”

*** “So Long Eric” (performance and rehearsal), “Meditations on Integration” (performance and rehearsal)