Monday, October 10th

by musicclipoftheday

like nothing else

“Old Man Dancing” (Carla Bley, 1936-): Chet Doxas (clarinet, tenor saxophone), Carla Bley (piano), Karen Mantler (keyboard), Steve Swallow (bass), 2020



random sights

yesterday, Oak Park, Ill.


reading table

This is the point in prefaces where I customarily say something nice about my wife. This time, however, I can’t think of anything that even comes anywhere near doing her justice. Her name is Susan Patek Booth.

Berkeley, California
May 3, 1997

—Stephen Booth (1933-2020), from Precious Nonsense: The Gettysburg Address, Ben Jonson’s Epitaphs on His Children, and Twelfth Night (1998)



Today, Thelonious Monk’s birthday, it’s all Monk, all day at WKCR (Columbia University).