Tuesday, October 22nd

by musicclipoftheday

sounds of New York

Jason Kao Hwang (1957-), If We Live in Forgetfulness, We Die in a Dream (2011); Momenta Quartet, live, New York, 2012




random sights

yesterday, Chicago (Columbus Park)


reading table

If you have some photos of yourself when you were four or eight or twelve or fifteen, hold them up against the mirror. Are you the four-year-old, the eight-year-old, the fifteen-year-old, the twenty-five-year-old, or the one who is looking into the mirror, or all of them? If you are all of them, then by now you must be thousands of different people.

—Ayya Khema (1923-1997)Being Nobody, Going Nowhere: Meditations on the Buddhist Path (1987)