Tuesday, February 26th

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Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone, percussion), “One Time In,” published 2/11/19 (Trio Tapestry with Marilyn Crispell [piano], Carmen Castaldi [drums], 2019)




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Emily Dickinson, writing to her cousins (Louise and Frances Norcross) after the death of their father, closes with this (letter #278, poem #528 [Franklin], 1863):

Let Emily sing for you because she cannot pray.

‘Tis not that Dying hurts us so –
‘Tis Living – hurts us more –
But Dying – is a different way –
A kind behind the Door –

The Southern Custom – of the Bird –
That ere the Frosts are due –
Accepts a better Latitude –
We – are the Birds – that stay.

The Shiverers round Farmer’s doors –
For whose reluctant Crumb –
We stipulate – till pitying Snows
Persuade our Feathers Home