Monday, August 20th

by musicclipoftheday


Kaija Saariaho (1952-), Cloud Trio (2009); Chartreuse (Myra Hinrichs, violin; Carrie Frey, viola; Helen Newby, cello), live, Los Angeles, 2016




reading table

Walking in Mountains in the Rain
by Wang Wei, 699-759 (translated from Chinese by David Young,
Five T’ang Poets, 1990)

In this quick cloudburst
air thickens, the sky comes down

dark mountains
flashes of lightning

out at sea new clouds
have just started to form
and this small brook I straddle
is a river in flood somewhere

rags and blankets of mist
hang on these slopes and cliffs

then the clouds open and vanish
rain patters off
and moonlight silvers
that whole reach of river
foothills to ocean

and even from this black mountain
I can hear boatmen singing.