Thursday, March 30th

by musicclipoftheday


Ann Peebles, I Can’t Stand the Rain,* 1974 (Hi Records)



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The only thing worse than trying to look younger than you are is trying to look wiser than you are.

Jack Haubner


*Track list (courtesy of YouTube):

“I Can’t Stand The Rain” (Don Bryant, Bernard “Bernie” Miller, Ann Peebles)
“Do I Need You” (Bryant, Peebles)
“Until You Came into My Life” (Bryant, Miller, Peebles)
“(You Keep Me) Hanging On” (Ira Allen, Buddy Mize)
“Run Run Run” (Bryant, Darryl Carter, Peebles)
“If We Can’t Trust Each Other” (Earl Randle)
“A Love Vibration” (Bryant, Miller, Peebles)
“You Got to Feed the Fire” (Bryant, Miller, Peebles)
“I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down” (Earl Randle)
“One Way Street” (Bryant, Peebles)