Wednesday, February 8th

by musicclipoftheday

not the same old stuff

Maja S. K. Ratkje, live (performance begins at 1:30), Norway (Kristiansand), 2013



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Happy (106th) Birthday, Elizabeth

From the few states I have seen I should now immediately select Florida as my favorite. I don’t know whether you have been here or not—it is so wild, and what there is of cultivation seems rather dilapidated and about to become wild again. On the way down we took a very slow train from Jacksonville here. All day long it went through swamps and turpentine camps and palm forests and in a beautiful pink evening it began stopping at several little stations. The stations were all off at a tangent from the main track and it necessitated first going by, then stopping, backing up, stopping, starting again—with many puffs of white smoke, blowing of the whistle, advice from the loiterers around the station—all to throw off one limp bag of mail.

—Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979), letter to Marianne Moore, January 5, 1937