Tuesday, December 13th

by musicclipoftheday


Joe Ligon [AKA Willie Joe Ligon], singer, September 11, 1942-December 11, 2016

Today, remembering him, we revisit a few favorites.


October 18, 2010

“I’ve Been in the Storm Too Long,” live, Albertina Walker Memorial Service, Chicago, 10/14/10

Like a lot of impromptu performances, this starts a little shakily; but then it builds, builds, builds.


May 27, 2012

two takes

“Steal Away To Jesus” (with the Mighty Clouds of Joy)

TV show (TV Gospel Time), early 1960s


Live, South Carolina (Charleston), 1996


December 20, 2015

 old school

“I’m Glad About It” (with the Mighty Clouds of Joy), live, Houston, 1967


Gospel singers don’t retire, you know, they just die doing what they do.

Joe Ligon



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other day, Oak Park, Ill.