Monday, October 31st

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Not to these ears.

William Basinski, Watermusic II, 2003



random sights

yesterday, Chicago (Columbus Park)



baseball: Chicago Cubs

Now, it’s onto Cleveland, with a confident team, a DH in [Kyle] Schwarber, [Aroldis] Chapman knowing he’s capable of going longer than two innings, and a “Rocky’’ tape stuffed in their equipment bag.

“The boys are feeling real good right now,’’ said [Anthony] Rizzo, who was impersonating Rocky Balboa with shadow-boxing before the game, even playing the “Rocky’’ theme as his walk-up music before his first at-bat. “We had a good time in here before the game. We’re going the bout. We’re going the distance.

“We’re bought in.

“And we believe in it.’’

—Bob Nightengale, USA Today, 10/31/16