Monday, May 4th

by musicclipoftheday

sounds of Amsterdam

It’s a wonderful life—sometimes, anyway. This weekend, in Chicago, I got to hear these folks twice: Saturday night all together (Constellation), Sunday in a series of (mostly) duos and trios (Elastic Arts).

Instant Composers Pool (ICP) Orchestra*

“Lavoro” (S. Bergin, borrowing from “Moten Swing”), live, Oakland, Ca., 2013


“East of the Sun, West of the Moon” (Brooks Bowman), recording (East of the Sun), 2014


*Ab Baars, tenor saxophone; Tobias Delius, tenor saxophone; Michael Moore, alto saxophone; Thomas Heberer, trumpet; Walter Wierbos, trombone; Tristan Honsiger, cello; Mary Oliver, violin; Ernst Glerum, bass; Han Bennink, drums.