Monday, February 16th

by musicclipoftheday

white folks got soul, too
(day one)

More of Lucinda W.

Lucinda Williams (with Tony Joe White [harmonica, guitar], et al.), “West Memphis” (L. Williams), recording session, 2014



reading table

Why am I now a walking accident waiting to happen? Why am I more worried about that than whether there’s an afterlife?


I don’t look in mirrors anymore. It’s cheaper than surgery.


Bonding heads the list of words I’ve ruled out. Emerson was right—as he was about everything: an infinite remoteness underlies us all. And what’s wrong with that? Remoteness joins us as much as it separates us, but in a way that’s truly mysterious, yet completely adequate for the life ongoing.

—Richard Ford, “I’m Here” (Let Me Be Frank With You)