Monday, November 4th

by musicclipoftheday

three takes

This guy, like Monk, could take a familiar form, open it up, and create something both old and new.

Julius Hemphill (1938-1995), “The Hard Blues”

Live (with members of the Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra and the Either/Orchestra),  Boston, 1989


Recording (JH, alto saxophone, flute; Baikida E.J. Carroll, trumpet; Hamiet Bluiett, baritone saxophone; Abdul Wadud, cello; Philip Wilson, drums), recorded 1972 (first released on Coon Bid’ness, 1975)


Recording (Julius Hemphill, alto saxophone; Marty Ehrlich, soprano and alto saxophone, flute; Carl Grubbs, soprano and alto saxophone; James Carter, tenor saxophone; Andrew White. tenor saxophone; Sam Furnace, baritone saxophone, flute), 1991



art beat

Helen Levitt (1913-2009), New York, c. 1940