Saturday, September 28th

by musicclipoftheday

good news, bad news

24 Recipients of MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grant Named

New York Times, 9/24/13

First the bad news: MCOTD was passed over, again. The good news? This guy, often featured here, wasn’t.

Vijay Iyer (1971-), pianist, composer, soon-to-be Harvard professor

“Imagine” (J. Lennon), live, Germany (Leverkusen), 2011


“Actions Speak” (V. Iyer), live (Stephan Crump, bass; Marcus Gilmore, drums), New York, 2012


“Somewhere” (L. Bernstein), recording (Stephan Crump, bass; Marcus Gilmore, drums), Historicity, 2009



musical thoughts

the stillness of the valley
is itself a kind of music

—Du Fu (AKA Tu Fu; 712-770; “Visting the Fengxian Monastery” [excerpt]; translated from Chinese by David Young)