Tuesday, 11/22/11

by musicclipoftheday

Frederic Chopin, Mazurka in C Major, Op. 24, No. 2
Martha Argerich, live, Sweden (Stockholm), 2009

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musical thoughts

When I don’t play Chopin for a while, I don’t feel like
a pianist.

—Martha Argerich


reading table

Look how
we “attempted to express ourselves.”

Every one of these words is wrong.

It wasn’t us.
Or we made no real attempt.
Or there is no discernible difference
between self and expression.


The outer world means
State Farm Donuts Tae Kwando?


Today could be described as a retired man humming
tunelessly to himself.


Any statement I issue
if particular enough

will prove
I was here


It’s as if
the real
your own
can never be


These temporary credits
will no longer be reflected
in your next billing period.

—Rae Armantrout, Versed (2009), misc. fragments