Wednesday, 5/18/11

by musicclipoftheday

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Lloyd Knibb, drummer (Skatalites, et al.)
March 8, 1931-May 12, 2011

Lloyd Knibb’s importance to Jamaican music can’t be overstated. The inventor of the ska beat at Coxson Dodd’s Studio One, Knibb created a sound that spread like wildfire the world over.

—Carter Van Pelt, host, Eastern Standard Time, WKCR-FM

Skatalites, “Freedom Sound,” live, Belgium (Lokerse Festival), 1997


Skatalites, “Latin Go Ska,” live, Los Angeles, 2007


Skatalites, live, Los Angeles, 2007


Skatalites, “(Straighten Up And) Fly Right”



reading table


It would be
good to shrug
out of winter
as cicadas do:
look: a crisp
freestanding you
and you walking
off, soft as

—Kay Ryan