Tuesday, 11/9/10

by musicclipoftheday

Gregory Isaacs, July 15, 1951-October 25, 2010

[Gregory Isaacs’ friend and former manager Don Hewitt] said of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones that when he was introduced to Mr. Isaacs, “he carried on like he’d met Jesus.”


In a 2001 interview, Mr. Isaacs reflected on his legacy. “Look at me as a man who performed works musically,” he said. “Who uplift people who need upliftment, mentally, physically, economically—all forms. Who told the people to live with love ’cause only love can conquer war, and to understand themselves so that they can understand others.”

—Rob Kenner, New York Times (obituary, 10/25/10)

Live, London (Brixton Academy), 1984

“Number One”


“Night Nurse”




“Sad Mood Tonight” (1994)


“Kingston 14” (Made in Jamaica, 2006)


Want more? Here: “Gregory Isaacs Memorial Broadcast,” Eastern Standard Time, WKCR-FM (broadcasting from Columbia University), 11/6/10.



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No battle that can be won is worth fighting.

T Bone Burnett (blog comment, 10/9/10)