Sunday, 9/12/10

by musicclipoftheday

Few singers, in any genre, get under my skin like he does.

O.V. Wright, October 9, 1939-November 16, 1980

Sunset Travelers (featuring O.V. Wright), “On Jesus’ Program” (Peacock Records, 1964)


“I’m Going Home To Live With God” (Back Beat Records, 1973; produced by Willie Mitchell)




music—evidence of the existence of God?

[M]usic is and always has been the one thing that makes me a believer. You can say, ‘Oh, I’m an agnostic. I don’t believe in God.’ OK, fine, but then explain music to me.

Sonny Rollins, Village Voice, 9/8/10


technical stuff

Having trouble playing clips smoothly—without annoying little hiccups? One way to avoid this, as I’ve mentioned before, is to let a clip load completely before you play it (start the clip, then stop it, then start it again after the bar at the bottom has filled in all the way). Changing browsers may help, too. On my Mac, for instance, clips often play better on Safari than Firefox.