Tuesday, 4/6/10

by musicclipoftheday

Act I: Playing for change on New York City street corners and subway platforms, without a regular home, for 20 years.

Act II: Performing at nightclubs, concert halls, and festivals around the world.

That’s a life story no one would believe. But it’s the one this guy has lived.

Charles Gayle Trio, live, Russia (St. Petersburg)



The challenge of free jazz is to create coherent, compelling music without such obvious devices as melody, recurring chord sequences or a steady beat. It’s a challenge that has defeated many a virtuoso since the free-jazz heyday of the 1960’s. But Charles Gayle, a tenor saxophonist, is carving out a free jazz that is muscular, impassioned, clearly structured and wonderfully volatile. . . . Mr. Gayle’s trio made music to move mountains by.—Jon Pareles, New York Times