Monday, 3/29/10

by musicclipoftheday

This guy, like Captain Beefheart, studied at the Howlin’ Wolf School of Vocal Alchemy.

Tom Waits, “Make It Rain,” live (TV broadcast), 2004



More on William Eggleston and Alex Chilton

Yesterday, while at the Art Institute, I stopped again at the William Eggleston exhibit (previously mentioned here and here), which runs through May 23rd. It includes not only the album cover I posted earlier (Big Star’s Radio City), but also this one. Eggleston, an accomplished piano player, once accompanied Chilton on a track—the Nat King Cole classic  “Nature Boy,” which appears on Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers (expanded reissue), produced by Jim Dickinson, as well as Keep an Eye on the Sky (2009 boxed set).