Monday, 10/26/09

by musicclipoftheday

My younger son Luke first played me this track a few months ago—and, yeah, I’m still diggin’ it (to use an expression favored by members, such as myself, of HAH [hopelessly antiquated hepcats]).

Asher Roth (just your average young white hip-hop artist “straight from the Philly ’burbs”), “Fallin'”



The reason I got into hip-hop was because it was edgy and my parents really didn’t want me listening to it. They didn’t see rap as music, but I saw it as self-expression. That’s what I loved about it.—Asher Roth


I was always from the outside looking in. Hip-hop has always been very influential in the ’burbs, [but] it’s just a matter of where we could relate to it. You find a lot of kids that are really confused. You look at them and they’re dressed out of character. They don’t look right. I figured out, I don’t have to dress this way, but I can still love hip-hop.—Asher Roth


Rebirth Brass Band snare drummer Derrick Tabb, whose playing can be heard here and here, has been nominated for “CNN Hero of the Year” for his Roots of Music program, which offers free tutoring, instruments, and music education to more than 100 students in the Crescent City. “I don’t say that I’m saving lives,” Tabb says of his program. “I say I’m giving life—a whole different life of music.” More on this (including a chance to vote for him) can be found here, here, and here.