Wednesday, 9/30/09

by musicclipoftheday

With summer giving way to fall, how ’bout a little trip down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi? There, at T-Bone’s Records & Coffee, you’ll find, over in a corner, Johnny Vidacovich, longtime New Orleans drummer—he’s played at every one of the 40 annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festivals—playing, singing, chatting, goofing.

Johnny Vidacovich, live, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 2009

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Part 6

Most drummers I couldn’t listen to for five minutes. This guy I could listen to all day. Why? Because his playing is relaxed and unshowy. He makes use of space. Instead of trying to bowl you over, he invites you in.

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This [New Orleans] is a drum city. . . . [A]round here, all the drummers play from the neck down.—Johnny Vidacovich