Monday, 9/7/09

by musicclipoftheday

Here—with a shout-out to my brother Don, with whom (at the age of 15) I saw the MC5  in Chicago’s Lincoln Park during the 1968 Democratic Convention (when nobody outside the Detroit/Ann Arbor area [including us] knew who they were)—is an awfully good cover, from what might seem an unlikely source, of one of their “greatest hits.”

Jeff Buckley, “Kick Out The Jams,” live, Chicago, 1995

And here, courtesy, apparently, of the Department of Defense, is (silent) footage of the scene in Lincoln Park on August 25, 1968—the day the MC5 (who appear here fleetingly) played.



Von Freeman, the now-86-year-old tenor saxophonist—he still sounds terrific—toward the end of his Chicago Jazz Festival set yesterday afternoon in Grant Park, after introducing two young musicians: “I was that age once—I just don’t remember when.”