Wednesday, 8/10/11

by musicclipoftheday

keep on dancing
(an occasional series)

Peven Everett, “Stuck”

take 1: live, London, 2008


take 2: original recording (Soul Heaven Records 2006)


take 3: Phil Asher Remix (2006)


take 4: Groove Assassin Remix (2007)



Did you come up in the house music community of Chicago?

My brother was in that community before he passed away. Every night he was going out. That was a way of me basically paying homage to him, and finding the fruit, if you will, in that community that had yet to been picked. There’s so much that has to be said about music, and dance music altogether. People have been dancing since the beginning of time, so I don’t know what this whole “dance music” [label] is about.

—Peven Everett, Chicago Reader, 7/21/11