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Saturday, July 3rd

voices I miss

Steve Lacy (1934-2004, soprano saxophone) with Misha Mengelberg (piano), Rafael Garrett (bass), Han Bennink (drums, percussion), Monk Tribute (“Hornin’ In,” “Criss-Cross,” “Misterioso,” “Little Rootie Tootie,” “In Walked Bud – ‘Round Midnight ,” “Bright Mississippi” [Thelonious Monk]), live, Chicago, 1986



random sights

other day, Oak Park, Ill.

Thursday, June 17th


Steve Lacy (1934-2004; soprano saxophone, compositions), live (“Staples,” “Zeal,” “The Oil,” “The Owl,” “Torments”), Kyoto, Japan, 1975



random sights

other day, Chicago (Columbus Park)


reading table

Even in Kyoto—
hearing the cuckoo’s cry—
I long for Kyoto.

—Matsuo Basho (1644-1694), translated from the Japanese by Robert Hass

Thursday, December 28th


Steve Lacy Quartet (SL, soprano saxophone; Bobby Few, piano; Jean Jacques Avenel, bass; John Betsch, drums), “Revenue” (S. Lacy),  live , 1995



random sights

yesterday, San Francisco (Balmy Alley, Valencia St., City Lights Bookstore)



Wednesday, December 27th

voices I miss

Steve Lacy (1934-2004), “Blues for Aida,” live, France (Avignon), 1982




random sights

this morning, Berkeley, Calif.

Saturday, September 30th

astringent, adj. sharp and penetrating. E.g., the playing of Ran Blake and Steve Lacy.

Ran Blake (piano) & Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone), “The Man I Love” (G. Gershwin), 1991 (That Certain Feeling)


Tuesday, July 25th

voices I miss

Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone, 1934-2004), “Wasted” (S. Lacy), live, Paris, 1982




art beat: other day, Art Institute of Chicago

Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858), Yatsumi Bridge, 1856

Saturday, April 2nd

American in Paris

Steve Lacy Trio, live, Paris, 1982



musical thoughts

‘Make the drummer sound good.’

—Steve Lacy, recalling Thelonious Monk’s advice (Robin D. G. Kelly, Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original [2009]])

Monday, August 17th

another take

These guys I could listen to all day.

Steve Lacy Quartet (SL [1934-2004], soprano saxophone; Bobby Few, piano; Jean Jacques Avenel, bass; John Betsch, drums), “Revenue,” live, 1995



reading table

Escape is such a thankful Word

—Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), #1364 (Franklin)

Saturday, August 15th

How about a trip to Paris?

Steve Lacy Trio (SL [1934-2004], soprano saxophone; Jean Jacques Avenel, bass; John Betsch, drums), “Epistrophy” (T. Monk), “Revenue,” live, Paris (Sunset Jazz Club), 1993



reading table

A gentleman of the better type is, in our opinion, only he who entertains a fair number of vain and foolish ideas about himself, and who above all imagines that his nose is better than any other good and sensible human nose whatsoever.

—Robert Walser (1878-1956), “The Walk” (translated from German by Christopher Middleton)

Sunday, 8/5/12

Who wouldn’t want to go to such a heaven?

Soul Stirrers (feat. Jimmy Outler), “Listen to the Angels Sing,” TV show, early 1960s



listening room: (some of) what’s playing

• The Dirtbombs, Ultraglide in Black (In the Red)

• Robert Glasper Experiment, Black Radio (Blue Note)

• Shabazz Palaces, Black Up (Sub Pop)

Terrie Ex, Paal Nilssen-Love, Hurgu! (PNL Records)

• Anthony Braxton Quintet (Basel) 1977 (hatOLOGY)

• Miles Davis, Live in Europe 1967 (Sony Legacy)

• ICP Orchestra Performs Herbie Nichols & Thelonious Monk (ICP)

• George Lewis & The NOW Orchestra, The Shadowgraph Series: Compositions for Creative Orchestra (Spool)

• Misha Mengelberg, Steve Lacy, Goerge Lewis, Harjen Gorter, Han Bennink, Change of Season (Soul Note)

• Pharaoh Sanders, Karma (Impulse!)

• Charles “Bobo” Shaw & Lester Bowie, Bugle Boy Bop (Muse)

• Reverend Claude Jeter, Yesterday and Today (Shanachie)

 This May Be My Last Time Singing: Raw African-American Gospel On 45 RPM (1957-1982) (Tompkins Square)

• J. Berg’s A Cappella Archives (Vol. 3)Royal Rarities (Vol. 3) (Rare Gospel)

Congotronics 2: Buzz ’n’ Rumble in the Urb n’ Jungle (Crammed Discs)

• Pandit Pran Nath, Midnight: Raga Malkauns (Just Dreams)

• Nikhil Banerjee, Afternoon Ragas  (Bhimpalasri, Multani) (Raga Records)

• John Luther Adams, Songbird Songs (Mode Records)

• John Luther Adams, Clouds of Forgetting, Clouds of Unknowing (New World Records)

• John Cage Edition—Vol. 23: The Works for Violin 4 (Irvine Arditti, violin; Stephen Drury, piano) (Mode Records)

• Morton Feldman, Trio  (Aki Takahashi, piano; Marc Sabat, violin; Rohan de Saram, cello) (Mode Records)

• Tristan Murail, Gondwana, Desintegrations, Time and Again (Disques Montaigne)

• Peter Serkin Plays the Music of Toru Takemitsu (RCA/BMG)

• The Incomparable Rudolf Serkin (Beethoven, Piano Sonatas Nos. 30, 31, 32) (Deutsche Grammophon)

• WKCR-FM (broadcasting from Columbia University)

Bird Flight (Phil Schaap, jazz [Charlie Parker])
Eastern Standard Time (Carter Van Pelt, Jamaican music)


Mudd Up! (DJ/Rupture“new bass and beats”)
Sinner’s Crossroads 
(Kevin Nutt, gospel)
Cherry Blossom Clinic (Terre T, rock, etc.)
Fool’s Paradise (Rex; “Vintage rockabilly, R & B, blues, vocal groups, garage, instrumentals, hillbilly, soul and surf”)
Downtown Soulville (Mr. Fine Wine, soul, etc.)

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