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Sunday, August 25th


O’Neal Twins, “Jesus Dropped the Charges” (R. White), 1982 (Say Amen, Somebody)


What a surprise it was, yesterday morning, driving home from our local farmers’ market, to encounter this wonderful, deeply moving piece about this performance, a longtime favorite, on the radio (Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR).


Another take.

Live, St. Louis, 1981


Sunday, March 3rd

This I could listen to all day.

Georgia Louis, “Canaan Land,” live (TV show), New York, 1960s




found words

Yesterday, on the radio, a man held in solitary confinement in Louisiana’s Angola Prison for over forty years:

You feel like the atmosphere is closing in on you. You feel like the very skin on your body is compressing.

Albert Woodfox, author of Solitary (out March 5th)

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