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Monday, June 6th

sounds of Chicago

Live, Chicago (Constellation), 6/2/22

1st Set (3:30-): ZRL (Zachary Good, clarinet; Ryan Packard, percussion, electronics; Lia Kohl, cello)

2nd Set (1:11:50-): RedGreenBlue (Paul Giallorenzo, keyboards, electronics; Ryan Packard, percussion, electronics; Charlie Kirchen, bass; Ben LaMar Gay, cornet)



random sights

this morning, Oak Park, Ill.

Tuesday, January 28th

tonight in Chicago

They’re playing at Elastic Arts.

Dave Rempis (alto saxophone), Brandon Lopez (bass), Ryan Packard (drums, electronics), live, New York, 2019




random sights

yesterday, Chicago


reading table

How many traits
must a thing have
in order to be singular?

—Rae Armantrout (1947-), from “Two, Three”

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