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Sunday, October 12th

two takes

“Strange Man” (D. L. Coates)

Steve Dawson (lead vocals, guitar), Diane Christensen (vocals), Robbie Fulks (vocals, guitar), live, Chicago, 2013


Dorothy Love Coates (1928-2002; MCOTD Hall-of-Famer), recording, 1968


random thoughts

Do the Canada geese, seeing me ride by on my bicycle, feel like they’re communing with nature?

Friday, September 12th

sounds of Chicago

Robbie Fulks, “Let’s Kill Saturday Night” (R. Fulks), live, Norway (Bergen), 2013


Here’s another take—his 1998 recording.

Friday, December 6th

sounds of Chicago

Robbie Fulks, “I’ll Trade You Money For Wine,” live, Norway (Oslo), 2013



art beat

Danny Lyon (1942-), Uptown, Chicago (1965)


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