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Tuesday, March 15th

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Ensemble Musikfabrik (Marco Blaauw, trumpet, curator; Benjamin Kobler, piano), live, Cologne (Germany), yesterday: John Cage, The Perilous Night (1944) for prepared piano; Rebecca Saunders, Blaauw (2004) for double bell trumpet; Rebecca Saunders, Unsaid (2019) for piano; Rebecca Saunders, White (2015, rev. 2016) for double bell trumpet; Morton Feldman, Last Pieces (1959) for piano; Alvin Singleton, Vous Compra (2001) for trumpet and piano



random sights

yesterday, Oak Park, Ill.

Thursday, January 27th


Rebecca Saunders (1967-), White (2016); Ensemble Musikfabrik (Marco Blaauw, trumpet), Cologne (Germany), published 1/17/22



random sights

other day, Oak Park, Ill.

Saturday, September 3rd

Strange to live in such a strange world.

Rebecca Saunders (music), Sasha Waltz (choreography), insideout (2003)


Saturday, April 25th

Sometimes nothing is more enlivening than to hear something that sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Rebecca Saunders (1967-), Fury II (2009); Remix Ensemble (Emilio Pomarico, cond.; Antonio Augusto Aguiar, bass), live, Portugal (Porto), 2011




reading table

after the dance
right away, cutting
the morning grass

—Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827; translated from Japanese by David G. Lanoue)

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