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Saturday, April 3rd

never enough

Guitarist Pete Cosey? Miles gave him a lot of space, as he had pianist Bill Evans. And just as the Miles of Kind of Blue is unimaginable without Evans, so too with Cosey here.

Miles Davis Septet (MD [trumpet, organ, compositions], Dave Liebman [soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute], Pete Cosey [guitar, percussion], Reggie Lucas [guitar], Michael Henderson [bass], Al Foster [drums], Mtume [aka James Foreman, James Mtume; conga, percussion]), live, Stockholm, 1973



random sights

other day, Oak Park, Ill.

Saturday, October 4th

more Miles

Miles Davis Septet,* “Yesternow,” live, Norway (Oslo), 1971



art beat

Lee Friedlander (1934-), Japan (Hiroshima), 1984



*MD (trumpet), Gary Bartz (alto saxophone), Keith Jarrett (keyboards), Michael Henderson (bass), Leon Chandler (drums), Don Alias (percussion), James “Mtume” Forman (percussion).

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