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Wednesday, June 3rd

sounds of New York

Meredith Monk, “Last Song”

Live, New York (Joe’s Pub), 2005


Recording (Impermanence), 2008



random thoughts

Who is this guy who keeps talking, talking, talking inside my head?

Saturday, July 26th


Meredith Monk and Theo Bleckmann, “Hocket” (M. Monk, from Facing North), live, Santa Fe, 2004



musical thoughts

With the music, it’s about opening up space for people and making something that they can experience in themselves, in their own way. It could be memories. It could be that they feel more themselves when they hear the music. They feel more alive. They feel that magic. That’s what I’m trying for.

—Meredith Monk (interview, BelieverJuly/August 2014)

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