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Tuesday, February 27th

trumpet festival
day two

Marcos Balter (1974-), Landscape of Fear (2015); Ryan Muncy (soprano saxophone) & Peter Evans (piccolo trumpet), live, New York, 2017




random sights

yesterday, Chicago (Columbus Park)

Wednesday, March 23rd

More cello.

Marcos Balter (1974-), Memoria (2007); Katinka Kleijn, live, Brazil (Manaus), 2014



reading table

. . . and the mystery itself is the gateway to perception.

—Lao Tzu (c. 5th cent. B.C.), Tao Te Chingtranslated from Chinese by Sam Hamill

Thursday, August 21st

sounds of Chicago

Marcos Balter (1974-), Dark Rooms (2007); Third Coast Percussion, 2014

If someone asked me to describe this, I wouldn’t know how to begin—which I mean as a compliment.








musical thoughts

[Y]oung musicians need Balter as much as Bach.

—Zachary Woolfe, New York Times, 12/3/13

Thursday, May 29th

No matter where you are, new sounds are just around the corner.

Marcos Balter (1974-), Strohbass (2011), Shanna Gutierrez (bass flute) and Ryan Muncy (baritone saxophone), live, Evanston, Ill., 2011


Tuesday, May 6th

soundtrack for a dream

Marcos Balter (1974-), Frisson (2011); Chicago Composers Orchestra (Matthew Kasper, cond.) with Eric Lamb (flute), Chicago, 2011



reading table

Speculative, imaginative writings—texts that ‘open possibility’—help us to live because the definitions by which we live are themselves productions of the cultural imaginary.

—Frances Richard, “Multitudes” (Poetry, May, 2014)


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