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Monday, March 4th

No one fired up this pianist—one of the most influential in the history of jazz—like this drummer.

Bill Evans Trio (BE [1929-1980], piano; Philly Joe Jones [1923-1985], drums; Marc Johnson [1953-], bass), “Nardis” (M. Davis), live, Italy (Umbria), 1978




reading table

How many poems have gotten so much attention with so few words?

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

—William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), “The Red Wheelbarrow”

Thursday, 5/26/11

Light, fluid, elegant—he is, at heart, a tap-dancer.

Paul Motian Quintet (PM, drums; Bill Frisell, guitar; Lee Konitz, alto saxophone; Joe Lovano, tenor saxophone; Marc Johnson, bass); “How Deep Is The Ocean?”; live, Italy (Umbria Jazz Festival), 1995

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