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Tuesday, December 10th

two takes

“I Try” (M. Gray, J. Ruzumna, J. Lim, D. Wilder)

J Dilla (1974-2006), remix, 2006



Macy Gray, 1999




random sights

yesterday, Chicago


reading table

by Rachel Hadas (1948-, Questions in the Vestibule)

The in-between is queasy,
but all is in between.

Midsummer green? Monotonous
when everything is green.

The sea? A glittering question
if everything is sea.

This vestibule? Unsettling.
I teeter first one way

and then the other. In
or out? I am a fool

to be so caught off balance.
All is vestibule.

Monday, 1/7/13


Late yesterday afternoon, at my local grocery store, as I was hunting for my son Alex’s Multi Grain Cheerios, this came over the speakers. The temptation to put walking on the shelf—to start dancing my way down the cereal aisle—was strong. Mighty strong. But it was resisted, successfully if not happily.

Macy Gray, “I Try” (1999)

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