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Wednesday, April 22nd


Henry Grimes, bassist, November 3, 1935–April 15, 2020

With Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone), Don Cherry (trumpet), Billy Higgins (drums), live, Rome, 1962



With David Murray (tenor saxophone), Hamid Drake (drums, MCOTD Hall of Fame), live, Finland (Kerava), 2004



With Kidd Jordan (tenor saxophone), live, New York, 2010




random sights

yesterday, Chicago (Columbus Park)

Thursday, September 24th

drum fest
day four

Kidd Jordan (tenor saxophone), Dave Burrell (piano), William Parker (bass), Hamid Drake (drums), live, New York, 2014





musical thoughts

Imagine living in a drumless world.

Wednesday, September 11th

sounds of Chicago

Edward Wilkerson, tenor saxophone (with Kidd Jordan, tenor saxophone; Henry Grimes, bass, violin; Isaiah Spencer, drums, et al.), live, Chicago, 2010

Tuesday, February 19th

Kidd Jordan Quartet (KJ, tenor saxophone; Billy Bang, violin; William Parker, bass; Hamid Drake, drums), New York (Vision Festival), 2008



musical thoughts

We tend to take musical instruments for granted, as if their existence were inevitable. But the fact that something exists doesn’t mean it had to. We could’ve been born into a world that never heard a violin.


reading table

“What kind of heaven is that, you can’t have your records?”

—Michael Chabon, Telegraph Avenue

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