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Wednesday, March 24th

sounds of New York

Jon Irabagon and Outright! (JI, [soprano saxophone, compositions], Ray Anderson [trombone], Matt Mitchell [piano], Chris Lightcap [bass], Dan Weiss [drums]), “Recharge the Blade,” live, New York, 3/22/21



random sights

other day, Chicago

Thursday, July 9th

tonight in Chicago

This saxophonist will be playing at Elastic Arts.

Jon Irabagon Trio (JI, tenor saxophone; Mark Helias, bass; Barry Altschul, drums), live, Austria (Ulrichsberg), 2013



art beat

Danny Lyon (1942-), Texas Department of Corrections (Walls Unit), Huntsville, Texas, 1968

USA. Huntsville, Texas. 1968. The Walls is a walled penitentiary, it is the oldest unit of the system and is located near the center of the town of Huntsville. Cell block table.

Wednesday, September 18th


Yesterday. Late afternoon, working on an old murder case. Happen upon this: windows open, letting in a breeze.

Mary Halvorson Quintet (MH, guitar, compositions; Jon Irabagon, alto saxophone; Jonathan Finlayson, trumpet; John Hebert, bass; Ches Smith, drums), “Love in Eight Colors,” “Hemorrhaging Smiles,” live, Washington, D.C., 2013



reading table

From now on
it’s all clear profit,
every sky.

—Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827), on his fiftieth birthday (translated from Japanese by Robert Hass)

Saturday, 11/3/12

It must have been a comfort, when she was dying, to be able to say to her son, whose trumpet she’d heard since he was a little boy, these are the songs I want you to play at my memorial service.

Dave Douglas  Quintet* with guest Aoife O’Donovan (vocal), “Be Still My Soul” (words by Ka­tha­ri­na A. von Schle­gel, adapted by Aoife O’Donovan, music by Jean Si­bel­ius, arranged by Dave Douglas), recording session (Be Still, 2012)

*DD, trumpet; Jon Irabagon, saxophone; Matt Mitchell, piano; Linda Oh, bass; Rudy Royston, drums.

Thursday, 2/2/12

most useless label?

 world music

 indie rock

 free jazz

The competition’s fierce.

Mostly Other People Do the Killing (Moppa Elliott, bass; Peter Evans, trumpet; Jon Irabagon, alto saxophone; Kevin Shea, drums), live, London (The Vortex), 7/14/11



art beat: yesterday at the Art Institute of Chicago (after a hearing at the nearby federal court building)

Vincent van Gogh

The Bedroom (1889)


Self-Portrait (1887)

With van Gogh, the life continually threatens to overtake the art; the challenge is to look with fresh eyes.

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