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Tuesday, February 8th

like nobody else

John Zorn’s Acoustic Masada (JZ, 1953-, alto saxophone, compositions; Dave Douglas, trumpet; Greg Cohen, bass; Joey Baron, drums), live, Vienne (France), 2006



random sights

other day, Oak Park, Ill.

Thursday, March 14th

sounds of New York

Tim Berne (alto saxophone, composition) with Herb Robertson (trumpet), Marc Ducret (guitar), Joey Baron (drums), et al., live, New York (TV show), c. 1990


Tuesday, 9/14/10

This is music that doesn’t hurry.

Christian Wolff (composer, piano, melodica; with Larry Polansky, guitar; Robyn Schulkowsky, vibraphone, miscellaneous percussion; Robert Black, bass; Joey Baron, drums), “Quintet,” live (performance followed by conversation), New York (Roulette), 12/12/09

Want more of Christian Wolff’s music? Here.



Every now and then I like to make a mess. But generally speaking I prefer transparency.


The music happens when it’s played—not when it’s composed.

—Christian Wolff

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